December 11, 2019


Home of Amanda Miller
ATTENDED BY: Amanda Miller, Dawn Bowman, Jody Lepple, Eileen Moore,
Lauren Hoofnagle, Janelle Anderson and Coach Tawni Smith


  1. Call to Order – 6:13pm

  2. Treasurer Report – Jody Lepple
  Balance: $11,691 + $250 concessions + $75 check to be deposited
  Income: Concessions going well. Discussion to sell spiritwear at   

  upcoming home games basketball games to bring in more income.

  3. Marketing Report – Eileen Moore
  a. Banner advertising – Corebridge is renewing at about $400
  b. Sponsorship link on toolkit
  c. To gain more coverage, will move banner outside during upcoming 

      soccer games.

  4. Membership Report – Amanda Miller
  a. Need more parents to sign up and join RABC
  b. To date, membership is low at 84 (of 450 school athletes)
  c. Suggestion to increase membership – promote what the $25 fee pays for end-of-season parties, athletic          banquet, new uniforms etc

  5. Winter Hoops Classic Basketball Tournament – Dawn Bowman
  a. Dates: boys January 11 and girls January 18
  b. Will sell t-shirts at all four locations
  c. Responsible for concessions and hospitality (8am – 2pm)

  6. Coaches Christmas Lunch 12/18 – Amanda Miller
      Decided to drop off Olive Garden at 11:00am

  7. Concessions Update – Dawn Bowman
  a. Discussed need to request for more frequent visits from PISD janitor to
  b. Will eventually need to replace popcorn machine because of all the 

  c. Discussion about parents not volunteering for shifts – should it be   

      required athletes’ parents to work a shift each season? Coaches will put more emphasis on parental    involvment when discussing expectations for athletes

  8. Coach Update – Coach Tawni Smith
  a. Replacement sweats have arrived
  b. Coach will post online that they are requesting discounted assistance (not donated) help with building      trophy case for the school

9. Meeting adjourned – 7:25pm






Rogers Athletics Booster Board Meeting

18th September 2019

Mustang Lakes Clubhouse


Board Members Present

Coach Smith

Jody Lepple - Treasurer

Ginger McClendon - Spirit Chair

Dawn Bowman - Co-President

Amanda Miller - Co-President

Eileen Moore - Vice President

Janelle Anderson


      Meeting called to order at 18.45


      Spirit Decor:        

      Ginger updated the Board on the cheerleader involvement for making spirit posters, the cheerleaders will      

      get together on October 1st and the Booster Board will provide pizza for the cheerleaders. Cheer has all 

      supplies for banners.


     Treasurer Report: 

     Jody gave treasury report for the month.



     No update on how much money the Booster Club has made from running the PYSA football concession 

      stand, The Athletics Booster Club has picked up another date to run concessions on October 12th, Dawn

      also going to ask Ranka if we can sell breakfast tacos, and also for cleaning equipment for shutting 

      down concession stand

      We are still in need of a 7th grade co ordinator for concessions.



     Last order for spiritwear should arrive on the 23rd September, Jody is currently looking for winter sports

      designs, and we are going to start selling spirit wear at the Volleyball game on October 1st, and at sign 

      the beam at Rockhill High School October 4th.



     Coach Smith informed us that no middle schools will be walking at the homecoming parade this year.


      Meeting was Concluded at 19.20.






Rogers Athletics Booster Board Meeting

29th July 2019

Mustang Lakes Clubhouse


Board Members Present:

Dawn Bowman - Co President

Amanda Miller - Co President

Jody Lepple - Treasurer

Eileen Moore - V.President

Coach Smith


   10.00am -   Meeting called to order.


   Schedule Pick Up: schedule pick up was discussed the dates and times are

                                  8th Grade 7th August 6.00pm-7.30 pm

                                  7th Grade 8th August 6.00pm-7.30pm

                                  6th Grade 9th August 6.00pm-7.30pm

   The board agreed that the Athletic booster board will be at all 3 schedule pick up dates this year to                    

    help inform the 6th Grade parents about who were are and how they can help the Board.

    Chrome books and concession sign up will be available at schedule pick up.


    Concessions: Concessions will solely be manned and run by Rogers Athletics Booster Board this year    

     and will include by the inside and outside concession stand.

     concession stand meeting will be at the new High School stadium on August 21st, not all board members 

     need to go just concession stand board members and treasurer.


    Sport Schedules:   Schedules are up on Rank 1 for volleyball and football.


    Spirit wear: spirit wear has been up for 1 week and we are currently at $805.

    Discussion regarding selling a Game Day shirt for each sport.


    Treasurer Report: Treasurer updated the Board on the current financial status of the Rogers Athletic 

     Booster Board.


     Banner Sales: Eileen is currently contacting companies who had banners last year with the

     Athletics Booster Board to see if they are wanting to purchase another year. Once those companies have 

     been contacted and have given us a decision we will then reach out to new companies.



     Spirit Chair: Discussion regarding spirit chair and what their roll will be for the upcoming year.


     Coaches Update: Rogers will have 13 coaches for the 2019/20 year, they are currently working on a #

     for this year and will update the Booster Board when the decision had been made.


     10.40am - Meeting was concluded.