Rogers Athletic Booster Club

September 23, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Rogers Middle School Gym


  1. Call to Order – Ginger 4:18pm 
  1. Attendance - Coach Tawni Smith, Ginger McClendon, Lauren Hoofnagle, Tracy Strickland, Rhonda Thomas, Denise Parsons and Lori Wilbur 
  1. Budget Report – Lauren
    1. Account Balance $14,067.27
    2. Addition from August – Membership & donations
    3. Minus Rushing BC and Frisco Sports (Coaches masks)
  2. Membership Report – Lauren/Ginger
    1. 40 memberships $1,290 (11 up from August)
    2. 15 donation $375 (Increase of $260)
    3. Continue to push membership (Lauren do write up and ask Mr. Jetton to add to Roger’s Beat and push on Facebook) 
  1. Spirit Wear – Ginger
    1. Fundraising made $2,436
    2. Spirit Wear arrived, sorted, now with Coach and Board Members to distribute to In Person & Virtual students.
    3. Gaiter issue: 12 orders for Large/XL are on back order. Those who purchased are receiving S/M mask at this time. 
    4. Pending receipt of check from Frisco Sports Center
    5. With sports starting and weather is cooler, may need to reactivate store sooner than later. Ginger will speak to FSC.  
  1. Marketing Report – Ginger/Lauren/Coach Smith
    1. Banner for First United Bank – Check Received
    2. Eileen is purchasing Realtor banner – need to reorder to change phone number
    3. Coach Smith will check to see if Banners can be brought and hung up at Children’s, Eagle Stadium and PHS & RH Areas since Rogers is not being used for Fall Sports. 
  1. Fundraising – Concessions – Coach Smith / All
    1. Coach Smith, Eileen, Lauren attended FSE call.
    2. Concessions will be at all Rogers HOME games at Children’s Health and Eagle Stadium on either Monday or Tuesday nights. Grades will alternate.
    3. 4 people in sign up – 5:15 – 8pm (unless C game, then to half-time of C game)
    4. Must include email and phone number in sign up
    5. Rhonda will produce and Tracy will distribute on Facebook and to Mr. Jetton for Roger’s Beat.
    6. Will include NJHS students from Rogers (Tracy will notify school sponsors) 
  1. Coaches Update/Needs – Coach Smith
    1. Laundry Clips – the ones we were going to order ended up on backorder/out of stock on some colors, Coach Smith will look into something different.
    2. Trophy Case – PTO has agreed to work with RABC. We can also reach out to Fine Arts.  Tracy will email Mr. Jetton to get feedback and details to move forward.
    3. Sport Activities have started: Cross-Country last week, Volleyball this week and Football next week.
    4. Meals will be provided by SFE (Nutrislice App) or the parent must drop off on game day by 2:30pm in bins outside gym doors. Communication will be sent by coaches via Skyward.
    5. 8th Grade Parent Night last home games – Coach Smith will order roses 
  1. Athlete Needs – All
    1. Frames for athlete of the month
    2. Covid restrictions limiting most ideas 
  1. Future Planning Events
    1. Planning for 8th Grade EOS pizza parties for Cross Country, Volleyball and Football

Next meeting – October 28, 2020 @ 4pm in Rogers Gym

Meeting Adjourned at 4:58pm


Rogers Athletic Booster Club

August 26, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Rogers Middle School Gym


  1. Call to Order – Eileen at 4:10pm 
  1. Attendance - Eileen Moore, Coach Tawni Smith, Ginger McClendon, Coach Drew McDonald, Tracy Strickland, Susan Grayson-Hill, Rhonda Thomas, Denise Parsons and Lori Wilbur 
  1. Budget Report – Eileen
    1. Account Balance $13,542.56
    2. Addition since last meeting: 2 concession checks
    3. Minus taxes & BTS Coach Lunch
    4. No membership or spirit wear in balance at this time 
  1. Membership Report – Eileen
    1. 29 memberships $595
    2. $115 in donations
    3. Need to push membership – Coaches will add to virtual meetings held on 8/31 and add to Social Media 
  1. Spirit Wear – Ginger
    1. Sold 233 products
    2. Fundraising Amount so far $1,852.00
    3. Still have a few pre-order gaiters and mask to sell
    4. Some issues with delivery due to Covid and Virtual students but Coach Smith was able to get distributed and Lauren & Ginger did porch deliveries
    5. Next round Coaches will hand out to all In Person students and Board can assist with Virtual and/or non-Rogers customers.
    6. Site closes at midnight on August 31st 
  1. Marketing Report – All
    1. Banner Sold to First United Bank (Invoice to Eileen)
    2. Rhonda has a few businesses interested
    3. CoreBridge Renewing?? Need to confirm
    4. Per Coach Smith, no banners at Rogers Stadium due to no events scheduled this Fall; Will place inside and move outside during soccer season 
  1. Fundraising – Concessions – Coach Smith / All
    1. Coach Smith will check with SFE and district on what will happen with concessions; including training if necessary
    2. Sign Up will be set up using a new RABC Gmail account for future needs; Rhonda will set up and prepare schedule for Volleyball and Football (based on Rank One Schedules – Mondays or Tuesdays and Thursdays) 
  1. Coaches Update/Needs – Coach Smith & Coach McDonald
    1. Laundry Clips – used to hang and sort practice apparel; need about 532 @ $1.74 = $925.68. – Approved
    2. Trophy Case – Still looking to work with other school organizations such as PTO, Fine Arts, UIL to support; MJ is taking the lead on this action.
    3. Sport Activities begin: Sept 14 Cross-Country; Sept 24 Volleyball and Sept 29 Football
    4. 8th Grade Parent Night last home games 
  1. Athlete Needs – All
    1. What can we as a board do for the athletes?
    2. Work with cheerleaders on spirit ideas?
    3. Covid restrictions limiting most ideas 
  1. Future Planning Events
    1. Board / Committee will discuss
    2. Coach treats on game day; holiday; EOS events


Next meeting – September 23, 2020 @ 4pm in Rogers Gym

Meeting Adjourned at 4:45pm


Rogers Athletic Booster Club

July 28, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Rogers Middle School Gym


  1. Call to Order – Eileen at 1:06pm
  2. Attendance (Introduction of Board Members (BM): Eileen Moore, Coach Tawni Smith, Ginger McClendon, Lauren Hoofnagle, Tracy Strickland, Susan Grayson-Hill, Rhonda Thomas, Denise Parsons and Lori Wilbur.
  1. From Coach Smith
    1. Need all board members to fill out form for ISD and sign acknowledgement to policies for booster club.
  2. Membership Toolkit – Eileen
    1. Using toolkit for membership sign up, banner sale information, minutes.
    2. Will use 3 types of payments: Check, CC/Debit, or Venmo.
    3. CC/Debit will charge a fee so will increase membership dues from $25 to $30. This change will assist with the CC/Debit fees that we are charged.
    4. All BM in agreement with change of membership fee. This aligns with the other school booster clubs.
    5. Banners are for sale - $400 – company is responsible for purchasing their banner that will be hung either inside gym or outside at the field/track. There is a form they need to complete for PISD approval.
    6. We are ready to BLAST the toolkit information out to families to join.
    7. Requesting Coach Smith & McDonald send emails to parents regarding signing up for membership.
  3. Treasurer Report – Lauren
    1. Will be putting together a budget so we can see all money coming in and out and where its applied.
    2. Not “selling” anything in person (like T-shirts last year).
    3. Will do concessions; waiting for guidelines from district coordinator
    4. Coach will check to see if we are due any funds/checks from last year
  4. Needs for department
    1. Athlete of the Month frames
    2. Still looking to add trophy case at school but will possibly work with other school clubs on financial need
    3. School/District should be purchasing cups as no water bottles will be allowed
    4. Coach ordered extra greens/grays for now; may come back to boosters for additional
  1. Spirit Wear – Ginger
    1. Will use an online store for orders this year – first close date 8/31/20 Frisco Sports
    2. Masks and gaiters will be pre-purchased (100 each) for selling ASAP to coaches, staff, students for when school starts.
    3. Provided production cost on t-shirts – Rogers/Prosper & Athletic (short & long sleeve), sweatshirts, and masks & gaiters. As a board we finalized the selling price for each item. 
    4. Ginger added sweatshirts for Athletics for $30 using Green & Blue colors that represent Rogers to the store. 
  1. Additional Business – All
    1. Coach provided some details on the how sports will look this school year
    2. Football, XC and Volleyball will not actively start until after Sept. 8th; Students will skill train during class time only. No before or after school workouts.
    3. Tryouts will take place week of Sept 8th
    4. Football games begin Sept. 29 through Nov. 17
    5. Volleyball games begin Sept. 24 through Nov. 12 – No tournaments, including district
    6. XC will begin 9/14 – Only one grade level per school at each event; 7th & 8th grade will alternate
    7. Basketball will begin Dec. 10 through Feb. 11 - No tournaments
    8. Parent Night will possibly be virtually for Q&A
    9. End of Season Parties will still take place but may need to switch them up due to Covid if restrictions are still in place (Kids liked pizza party and games)
    10. Parent Night is last game of each sport for 8th grade – Moms get roses
    11. Maybe look into adding additional T-shirts for specific events like Breast Cancer Awareness Month (pink) and Be Kind day (Hope Squad yellow); Show Rogers logo in White on colored shirt. Athletes can wear to school on game day and/or on the traveling bus.

Meeting Adjourned – Eileen at 2:03pm

Next RABC meeting will be August 26, 2020 at 4pm in gym or library (TBD)

Will tentatively schedule meetings on last Wednesday of each month – Will cancel if there are no agenda items to discuss.